How Mold And Bacteria Can Negatively Impact Carpet And Your Health

MOLD: Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy With This Information From the Professionals

Mold can grow in different areas of any living space, from walls to furniture, books, to clothing. Unfortunately, it can attack the most valuable possessions as well, giving people no choice but to throw them out of the garbage.

To properly deal with mold, many people go to the internet to research what products to use themselves but we wanted to hear from the cleaning professionals so we contacted Gary Afonin, owner of Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning serving Fresno, Clovis, and area since 1998 to get his expert advice to ensure that you completely eliminate this pesky health hazard.

Helpful Info From The Top Carpet Cleaning Pro’s in Fresno CA

What is Mold?

Indoor mold often develops during the fall and winter months. This is because the temperature and climate have more moisture in the air. Mold spores spread in the air and can be present in indoor environments, and sadly, there’s no way to completely avoid them.

Molds are hardy and resilient in their own right as they would even grow in places they can’t usually grow. Most will find that mold thrives in warm and moist environments, so when mold spores attach themselves to a damp area, they will begin to grow.

Seeing as mold will flourish wherever it’s hot and humid, it’s no surprise that they can also grow on fabric, paper, glass, wood, and plastic. Other than their unsightly presence and musky odor, mold becomes even more of a problem when they start to eat and digest the material they are growing on.

What are the Different Types of Indoor Mold?

  • Alternaria: This type of mold grows in damp indoor spaces, such as bathrooms, and are often found in showers and leaky sinks;
  • Aspergillus: This type of mold grows on dust, powdery food items, and building materials;
  • Cladosporium: This type of mold grows in both warm and cool spaces, often latching itself on fabrics and wood surfaces;
  • Penicillium: This type of mold grows on materials that have sustained water damage and will often have a blue or green color;

How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

There are several health risks that mold spores can trigger, and those with allergies, existing respiratory issues, and weak immune systems often struggle the most.

Breathing Problems

Since mold spores can enter the air, they can produce allergens, mycotoxins, and irritants, some of which could be toxic. This affects individuals who are highly sensitive to them.

Those affected by mold spores will experience an irritated nose, throat, and lungs, even causing severe breathing problems, such as asthma or chronic lung conditions.


Those who are sensitive to mold-related particles will most likely get an allergic reaction. Those with mold allergies will develop hay fever or seasonal allergies, affecting the upper respiratory tract.

People who get allergic reactions to mold have higher chances of getting an asthma attack. And when they are exposed to dust mites and other allergens, they’re more at risk for severe asthma attacks.


Aspergillus can cause serious health problems known as aspergillosis. People who have this may breathe in spores without becoming sick, but they can weaken the immune system and worsen existing lung diseases.

How Do You Protect Your Home From Mold?

Reduce Humidity

As mentioned earlier, people are more at risk of experiencing severe reactions from mold spores and getting mold infestation when they’re in humid areas. With that, it’s best to reduce the risk of mold build-up by:

  • Cleaning leaks and spillage right away
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce indoor moisture
  • Leave windows open to encourage air circulation
  • Ensure your fabrics are completely dry

Remove Mold

One of the best ways to eliminate mold is by ensuring you clean your space frequently. Although you can’t remove mold completely, working with professional cleaners to clean vulnerable areas in your space is crucial.

When looking for cleaners, you want to work with a team with exceptional experience and provide you with effective cleaning services.

Gary Afonin, the owner of Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning, boasts of his companies fantastic service, saying, “What really sets us apart from every other carpet cleaner in the Fresno County CA area is that we take the extra time and do more steps in our cleaning process than most other cleaners are willing to do.”

Seeing as mold can easily attach itself to carpets and rugs, getting area rug cleaners to ensure you have a clean and safe space.

The Bottom Line: Professional Cleaning Services Can Help Eliminate Mold

Mold is incredibly frustrating to deal with, but getting carpet cleaning services to help eliminate these spores can help enhance the quality of living in any home. With their help, you’ll keep your family safe from severe mold infestation.

Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning are the top professionals in Fresno, Clovis, and Madera CA and they have decades of experience cleaning and disinfecting the hard-to-handle surfaces in your home including; carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and much more. For more information and to help keep your home at its best with their industry-grade equipment, eco-friendly cleaning products, and trained technicians, call (559) 271-9661 for a free estimate today.