6 Critical Difference Between Regular Carpet Cleaning And Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning: Why you must use a qualified services vs any old Fresno carpet cleaner

How to get your area rug cleaned properly in Fresno, CA

Many people believe that area rugs are the same as carpet and may be treated in the same way, from usage to cleaning. Unfortunately, this belief is what causes grave damages to many rugs and destroys carpets. Because carpets and area rugs are not the same thing, they each require specialized cleaning techniques and methods.

We contacted Gary Afonin, a local area rug expert and owner of Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Madera and Fresno CA to get the best advice to help care for your area rug investment. “Area rugs really are ‘art under foot’. So having your rugs cleaned at least once a year is essential to ensure they stand up and look great for years to come”, Gary shared. He went on to state, “when it comes to giving your rugs a professional cleaning, you really need to do your homework and find a professional cleaning firm that has specific expertise in caring for area rugs since it really is a lot different than just regular carpet cleaning.”

Read on to discover more about the difference between area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning!

Your Rugs Composition is Different

The way area rugs are made is the most visible way to distinguish them from carpets. It’s easy to see why: area rugs are designed to be moved as needed, whereas carpeting is put and designed to stay in place. As a result, they must be built in a different way. There are also different types of area rugs, each with its own construction and care requirements.

Most Area Rugs Have A Fringe

Perhaps you would not find fringe on a wall-to-wall carpet. Certain rugs, on the other hand, are adorned with fringe. Fringe is a delicate thing. Vacuuming it will cause the fringe to be destroyed. Fringed area rugs necessitate extra care to keep their fringe in good condition.

Removing Dirt and Stains from an Area Rug Takes More Expertise

Most area rugs are thicker and have a rich pile composition. This means they contain more fiber per square foot than normal carpet. Moreover, dirt is drawn to the rug’s base due to its deep texture. People beat their rugs outside since a vacuum machine cannot remove these trapped tiny strands. A more straightforward solution is to hire a professional rug cleaner to remove the build-up.

Color Bleeding Can Be A Concern on Finer Oriental Rugs

The vast majority of carpets are one color. If this color bleeds, it is usually not a problem. Color seeping, on the other hand, can muddle the design of brilliantly patterned rugs. This is why, in order to reduce bleeding and fading, it is necessary to clean an area rug carefully.

The Antiquing of Some Persian Area Rugs Needs to be Considered

Antiquing is a technique used by makers and importers to make rugs appear older and more expensive. Antiquing is popular in some rugs but not in carpets. A strong acidic wash or a post-treatment of tea dyeing can remove the dye during cleaning. It is possible to reapply the coating after cleaning.

Having Proper Area Rug Cleaning Certification and Skills are a Must

There are various types of carpet, each with its own set of maintenance requirements. Not to mention the fact that rugs are often rather pricey. To clean all of these carpets thoroughly and without causing harm, area rug cleaners must be fully trained. You should never use a steam cleaner on your rugs. Ask questions and confirm their training before allowing anyone to touch your rugs. Moreover, professionals should be hired to clean area rugs. If your rugs need to be cleaned, choose a competent and trusted area rug cleaner.


Your rugs and carpets are more than just decorative items in your personal space. Often, they symbolize your taste and personality, making them key items in your home or even your office space. Moreover, quality rugs and carpets are expensive and require maintenance. With this guide, know which cleaning methods are best to use easily and contact professionals for assistance!

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