Top 3 Disinfecting Mistakes Fresno CA Residents Like You Are Probably Making

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and flooring are important to restore normalcy in your Fresno CA home

Although the rise of vaccines has appeared to helped curb the spread of the coronavirus, the aftereffects of the pandemic are far from over. On top of then precautionary measures like distancing, wearing your masks, and sanitizing your hands, what many residents of Fresno CA and elsewhere have realized is the need for improved cleaning and disinfection regimines, especially in your home.

It’s best to develop disinfection routines that will keep your family safe and sound, but the process can also be riddled with misconceptions and misinformation. As a result, you make mistakes that can end up becoming damaging to one’s health.

Keeping Your Carpets, Tile Floors and Home Surfaces Germ-Free

We spoke with Gary Afonin, the owner of Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning and he states “cleaning is great but it can only do so much. When you’re faced with something that cannot be seen, such as a virus, you need to trust in more powerful sanitizing agents. The use of such tools, however, must be done with extreme care and caution.”

All too often, people make the mistake of apply too much cleaning or sanitizing chemicals or leaving them to dwell too long. Tile cleaning, for example, has earned the reputation of being difficult to clean, hence the use of harmful substances like muriatic acid and other tools, or simply damp moping and hoping for the best.

For this reason, Mr. Afonin believes that it’s best to enlist the help of professionals—such as Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning—to keep your spaces clean, healhty and germ-free.

But what do you do when the experts are away? We’ve listed these common disinfecting mistakes to watch out for:

Mistake #1: Using the Wrong Products

Cleaning agents are designed to make the process easier, but they vary depending on your need. A disinfectant suitable for upholstery cleaning may not be compatible with your kitchen countertops. This is regardless of its nature, be it in liquid form to be diluted or gas form to be sprayed. If you wish to truly disinfect your home properly, you’ll want to choose a product that fits the surface well, and can actually kill germs.

WHO recommends diluted bleach or chlorine solutions to help combat the coronavirus, but sodium hypochlorite with water can work just as well. Just be wary of these chemicals touching fabrics such as your upholstery and furniture, however. Those surfaces require very specific products to treat them without causing damage.

Mistake #2: Failing to Take Proper Safety Measures

Although incredibly powerful for disinfecting, strong chemical cleaners can eventually affect your health. Keep in mind that these chemicals remain to be harmful substances, which can quickly become problematic should you fail to take proper safety precautions.

Bleach, for instance, can be harmful to those people suffering from respiratory issues. For this reason, it’s best to work with the product in a well-ventilated area and follow the recommendations for effective removal of residues once the product has had time to do it’s work. More importantly, make sure it’s out of reach when not in use.

Mistake #3: Overlooking the Importance of Time

You may have disinfected every nook and cranny, but keep in mind that these agents need time to properly work. You need to let them linger, as merely spraying them on a surface means only getting rid of what’s on the surface.

Germs can also survive certain chemicals, which then allows them to multiple once more. You’ll want to leave disinfectant on surfaces as instructed—only then can you truly say you’ve disinfected an area!

In Conclusion

Although the light at the end of the tunnel is near, the pandemic continues to be felt in various corners of the world. New virus strains are reported, which is why it’s important to remain as vigilant as ever. Apart from wearing masks, disinfecting with alcohol, and keeping a safe distance, you’ll want to come home to a safe and disinfected home—one that keeps your family safe and sound.

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