Fresno CA Fascinating Connection Between Allergies And Carpet Cleaning

Action Steps and Tips to Reduce Allergies in Fresno, CA from local Carpet Cleaning Expert

The four seasons each come with their own highlights. Each one brings a different kind of excitement, but they also come with their challenges. Those who suffer from allergies, for instance, may find the changing of seasons to be the worst time of year because of the influx of symptoms that come with it. Throughout the warmer months of the year, for instance, pollen, dust, and other allergens can get caught in people’s clothes and make their way into homes.

Much of these allergens end up on carpets. This is where the connection between seasonal allergies and carpet cleanings comes into play. Many people are not aware of the correlation between these two, but people who invest time in cleaning their carpets will be able to avoid allergic reactions.

Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaning: A Solution for Seasonal Allergies

Gary Afonin, the owner of Complete Carpet & Tile Cleaning advises that “whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or not, having your carpets, upholstery, and rugs cleaned occasionally is still a good idea.” He went on to state that “having a professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year will help prevent any allergies, viruses, and bacterial infections from getting into your home.”

If you or someone in your household is allergy-prone, it’s a good idea to take a few precautions to minimize symptoms during the chance of seasons. Here are a few tips from a local team of cleaning experts:

1 – Change Clothes Once You Arrive Home

As you enter your home, it is a good idea to change into a clean set of clothing. The clothes you wore outside may have caught some small particles that may cause allergies if they get into the systems of people who are prone to allergies.

2 – Don’t Keep Your Windows Open for Too Long

During the times of the year when you know allergies are rampant, it is important to only have your windows open for short periods of time. Although having natural wind and airflow into your home through your windows, along with this fresh air can also come pollen, dust, and other particles.

3 – Keep Your HVAC Filter Clean

You can also avoid suffering allergic reactions if you ensure that your HVAC system is constantly clean. The filers in your HVAC systems should always be checked to see that they will still be able to do their job in preventing allergic triggers and small particles from gaining access to the air filtration system in your home.

4 – Keep Your Sheets Clean

It also pays to make sure that your bedsheets are always kept clean. Since there is a large possibility that pollen and other allergens may get trapped on clothing, they may also transfer to your sheets. Changing your sheets regularly will prevent these allergens from affecting you.

5 – Contact a Cleaning Company

Working with a professional cleaning company will help you get rid of any of the particles that have gotten caught on carpets, rugs, and other surfaces in your home. Industrial cleaning equipment and rated HEPA filters will minimize the allergens throughout your home and especially in your carpet. Booking a carpet deep clean can help considerably during this time.

Final Thoughts on Allergies and Proper Cleaning Routines

Although there are increased chances of seasonal allergies occurring during certain times of the year, you do not have to sit around just waiting for your allergies to kick in. There are some actions you can take to ensure that you will be able to beat seasonal allergies and prevent them from happening. As the snow thaws and spring rolls in, having your carpets, upholstery cleaned by skilled cleaning professionals will ensure that no allergens will be able to stick around to give you the sniffles.

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