How Healthy Is Your Carpet – Care Strategies For Fresno And Area Residents

Healthy Carpet Cleaning Recommendation by Local Fresno and Madera Area Expert

Carpets are an amazing addition to any home, especially since they add a certain level of coziness and comfort hardwood flooring just cannot provide. Unfortunately, high foot traffic can quickly affect their quality, especially if you factor in the amount of spillage that happens and pet activity that occurs. All these can make your carpet extremely dirty, causing your carpet to become a host to various bacteria, allergen, and even pests.

Once an area has been infested, expect it to spread throughout all corners of the house. While whipping up the vacuum every weekend can help, failing to deep clean your carpet will only continue to exacerbate the problem.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Clean

Gary Afonin, the owner of Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning, states that “carpets are dirt, food remnants, sweat, and hazard attractions. Years of spoilage not only causes the shade and colour of your carpet to fade, but also makes it a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, allergens, and pests.” He further notes that “it’s best to get carpets cleaned at least once a year, which should always be done with the help of professional cleaners.”

If you haven’t been paying attention to your carpet, or can’t remember the last time you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, it may be best to enlist the help of residential carpet cleaning professionals. Otherwise, you risk your family being constantly exposed to the following:

1 – Poor air quality due to dust and allergens

Due to their fibres, carpets can easily become infested with dust mites. These critters end up littering the entire carpet with their droppings, which then lead to constant asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. Eczema and rhinitis are also common, and many end up taking several trips to the doctor, unaware of the true underlying reason—the carpets. You’ll want to invest in the best carpet cleaning services before things go out of hand.

2 – A cesspool of pests

Unfortunately, carpets could end up being dirtier than your toilet seat. Although a welcome flooring option, the constant traffic it encounters causes dirt to accumulate. Such an environment welcomes germs and other organisms, including carpet beetles, fleas, and of course, dust mites. More often than not, these pests thrive due to food droppings and dead skin particles, and only a thorough cleaning session can eliminate them.

3 – Stomach problems

Accidents are inevitable, especially when it comes to water, wine, and other beverages. You and your family end up spilling drinks in more ways than one, only to leave it to dry on its own. A wet or damp carpet, however, is never a good idea. Mould can quickly develop and the toxins they produce could lead to various stomach conditions. Unfortunately, mould can be difficult to detect—especially if the entire floor is carpeted. Your best course of action is to simply have it cleaned as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up Carpet and Health Advice

Your carpets serve you exceptionally well throughout the year, but their fading colours and quality may not be due to usage. Expect pests, allergens, and bacteria to be crawling underneath, topped with dirt and mould that only mean one thing—a danger to your health. As you welcome the summer months, it’s best to get rid of the critters that live in your home rent-free. Enlist the help of professional carpet cleaners, and you can rest assured that your home stays safe and clean—down to the last carpet fibre.

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