Top Fresno Carpet Cleaning Owner Reveals Surprising Facts About Your Carpets

Facts About Your Carpets That Might Surprise You!

Madera, United States – August 31, 2021 / Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning /

Carpets are more than a decorative accent for your Fresno CA area home. And while it has a role in completing the look of your flooring, it also brings comfort to your abode. That’s why the quality and feel of a carpet matter since it will pack as much panache and practicality into your space, but do you know anything about carpets other than it looks and feels good?

Despite having a heavy hand in shaping your home’s interior design, not many homeowners think about its history beyond its purpose. If you’re curious about the facts that make one of the most famous fabrics in the world, let’s unweave the seams and get to know some interesting trivia about your carpets!

Exploring Fascinating Facts About Your Carpets

1. Do You Know Where the Word ‘Carpet’ Comes From?

Everyone knows what a carpet is, but rarely do people ask where it came from. Knowing the word’s origins can give you a glimpse into the craftsmanship behind old-fashioned, textured carpets from centuries ago since it’s derived from the Latin word “carpere,” which translates “to pluck.”

As the moniker suggests, carpets were carefully hand-woven by twisting soft and long fibers, creating a carpet that looks eye-catching and feels incredible to the touch. Plucked fabrics also give a clue into the best ways to clean a carpet since it reveals the crevices where dirt and dander can live.

2. Debunking the “Five Second Rule”

There’s an age-old myth that dropping something on the carpet won’t immediately attract germs due to the “five-second rule,” but the reality offers a grimmer perspective. For one, bacteria can live in carpets for longer than four weeks and immediately latch onto anything it touches. So if you drop food on your carpet and think you can get away with a quick bite, think again because it’s likely brimming with germs now.

3. There are Other Things to Worry About Other Than Bacteria

Carpets are the breeding ground for bacteria, but they can also trap in several pounds of soil and skin flakes on top of all the dirt, fur, and other forms of pollutants in its seams. The good news is that dislodging the dander is as easy as vacuuming carpets regularly, but professional carpet cleaning does a better job at ensuring all the allergens are rid of so it won’t compromise your home’s air quality.

The Bottom Line: All About Carpets

Carpets have always had a place in every home, but aside from marveling at their beauty and comfort, it helps to know some facts that can give you a better understanding of how to better care for your carpets.

Why Choose Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning?

As Gary Afonin, the owner of Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning states, “Carpets are known collectors of allergens and airborne dust in the home and are one of the hardest surfaces to keep clean. Though they can keep allergies from drifting from room to room and affecting your family, ensuring that they stay clean and healthy for your family is an ongoing struggle for many homeowners.”

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