How Does Professional Pet Odor Removal Work?

Pets give joy to many people’s lives in more ways than one, but fur parents know that our cute, four-legged companions can also bring a few frustrations with them, particularly in situations where they had an accident on your carpet. Many have accepted that they likely dominate a huge chunk of your home, and while that’s fine on most days, the stench they leave behind can be off-putting.

Whether you’re planning on inviting guests over or simply want to come home to a fresh-smelling space, getting rid of the strong, putrid odors your furry friends leave behind can be tricky. While a lot of homeowners jump on the thought of going DIY, removing the canine or feline stink on your furnishings is the kind of dirty work that is best left to professional cleaners.

Should You Call a Carpet Cleaner to Remove Pet Odors?

There aren’t many companies dedicated to removing pet odors as their specialty, but it’s part of the daily routine for many expert carpet cleaners. Letting pet dander and urine soak up until your carpet’s underpadding are the usual culprits behind a putrid-smelling home, plus the added moisture makes your carpet a breeding ground for bacteria and contributes to the foul odors.

Store-bought carpet cleaners and other strong solutions won’t be enough to get rid of all the dirt, stains, and pet odors in your carpet, but professionals use industry-grade, non-toxic cleaning solutions made with enzymatic neutralizers that can remove all the smelly mess your lovely pets make.

Not to mention, professional pet odor removers don’t attempt to mask the smell but use a specialized treatment designed to destroy the urine crystals stuck in between the weaves of your carpet to get rid of the smell once and for all.

How Much Does it Cost to Deodorize a House From Your Pet’s Odors?

The cost of odor removal services varies depending on a number of factors—from the size of your home, the stubbornness of the odors, along with specific processes you would prefer. For example, choosing zero-chemical processes may increase the total cost, though it’s worth every penny if it means keeping you, your pets, and the environment safe.

Generally, carpet cleaners charge between $50-$125 to per area or spot in need of odor treatment, though removing odors for the whole house can drive the total price between $500 and $3,000 in extreme restoration cases.

The Bottom Line: Why It’s Worth Hiring a Professional to Get Rid of Your Pet Odors at Home

Most fur parents living with their pets have grown immune to the stenches of their furry pals, which means the air quality can worsen the longer you fail to notice the foul smells. Once you become aware of the odors, cleaning a carpet soaked in urine won’t cut it anymore since the lingering scent can still circulate in the air.

Professional cleaners offer pet odor removal services that can address all kinds of pet smells using state-of-the-art equipment and non-toxic cleaning solutions to restore your indoor air quality’s freshness.

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