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    Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

    The difference between these two is that stain seeps deep into the wood while paint does not. For exterior jobs, using a stain will result in the product fading over time rather than peeling. When the exterior of a house is peeling that means that a latex paint was used. Using a latex paint is not bad: all that means is that the product is masking the house, sealing it from the elements, rather than seeping into the wood. For interior, the only time you would use stain is to give your trim a natural wood finish look. This technique can be complicated and tricky if not done right, because this would generally be done with an oil stain.

    Before even taking out a paint brush or sander we take all objects off of the walls and bring all the furniture into the middle of the room. Once this is done, all furniture is covered in clean plastic to protect it from dust, paint, and other particles. Finally, the entire work floor area is covered in a canvass drop cloth to prevent any spillage onto the floor or carpeting.

    Not for Harold Howard’s Painting Company! We are experienced in drywall installation and repair, and minor repairs can be done as part of the paint preparation process.

    Nothing! All patio furniture will be moved by us and we will also remove all shutters before surface preparation.

    The first step of preparation is power washing the entire house with a bleach solution to kill any existing mildew and help to prevent any from returning in the future. The next few steps include scraping off all loose paint followed by sanding down the area. Finally, we do nail down any loose boards and prime all rusty nail heads to prevent the rust from bleeding through.

    Harold Howards Painting Service can replace rotted wood during the project. If newly rotted wood is discovered throughout the project we will notify you so that you can decide which path you would like to take. No sub-contractors are used for our carpentry work: we use our own carpenter.

    We run specials at certain times of the year, but each job normally varies depending on the size of the rooms/home. We know that customers shop around for the best deal in the area, so we provide free estimates. If you are interested in a free quote, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You may also call us directly with any questions, or to schedule an estimate, at (410) 218-626.